Visionaire 17 - Gold - Sun Beams

[003637] . Visionaire 17 - Gold - Sun Beams - This is Number 2446. New York:
Visionaire, 1996. First Edition.. Loose Pages in a Box. Fine Visionaire 17 - Sun
Beams - Gold - This is Number 2446 - "For some time we had imagined a gilded
issue-heavily embellished, incredibly ornate. GOLD gave us the perfect
opportunity to go for baroque. The cover of the issue was hologrammed, embossed,
and foil stamped, all on an already solid-gold background. Up until this point,
it was one of the most extravagant and delirious issues we had ever created.
There were seven pages of Philip Taaffes gold stars foil stamped onto vellum,
which ran an average of a dollar per page - a slight extravagance considering we
had at least another fifty pages to fill. Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh
Matadins fashion photographs featured gold-foil stamping on top of four-color
prints - crazy in theory but even more so in practice, when sometimes the only
foil-stamped element was the stud earring in the models ear! Cecilia tracked
down OrigamiUSA, who folded a gold-paper goldfish for each issue, and Todd
Oldham contributed actual gilded-metal halos. Such frivolities-not to mention
the leap to 2,500 copies - came thanks to this issues sponsor, the Japanese
department store Beams." Interior nearly as new, the box very fine. Size: 300 x
237 Mm

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