[004860] JACQUELINE DE JONG (editor) / NOEL ARNAUD. The Situationist Times
International Edition # 1 . Hengelo: Jacqueline De Jong, 1962. 1st Edition
Limited. 280 x 222 Mm . Soft Cover. Very Good Pages unnumbered, illustrated in
B&W on coloured paper. Hengelo, The Netherlands: - The Situationist Times
International edition # 1 - , Date: 1962, Jacqueline de Jong, Arnaud Noel. The
first issue of The Situationist Times, an avant-garde periodical that focused on
art and politics. Articles in German, French, and English. Illustrated, with
collages and comics. Many of the articles highlight the differences between
various factions of the Situationists. Check out The Situationist Times, on "The
Beach Beneath the Street: The Everyday Life and Glorious Times of the
Situationist International," by McKenzie Wark (Verso, 2011). Interior very fine;
the spine of the cover slightly damaged. Soft cover stapled.

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