TARO IZUMI. Kneading


[005395] TARO IZUMI. Kneading - Taro Izumi. Yokohama: Kanagawa Kenmin Hall,
2010. 1st Edition. 211 x 136 Mm. Paperback. As New / As New. 191 pages, Text in
Japanese and English by Taro Igarashi, Satoru Kimura, Hitoshi Nakano. Edited by
Hitoshu Nakano, Chikako Enomoto and Noriko Horie. illustrated in color plates. -
Kneading - Taro Izumi - As new copy .Including 7 color plate cards on the
project from the Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery in Yokohama. All in a wonderful as
new state. 

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