15 Woodcuts by SÉRVULO ESMERALDO  (1929-2017, Brazil)

Small cardboard cassette, in which 15 original woodcuts, limited edition, this one is numbered 41/60 and signed by the artist. Size 170 x 120 Mm. Enclosed a text in Portuguese by Jacob Klintowitz.

“Geometry describes everything that you see.”

Sculptor, engraver, draftsman, and kinetic artist Sérvulo Esmeraldo began his artistic career in the late 1940s in northern Brazil, where he attended the open studio of the Sociedade Cearense de Artes Plásticas in Fortaleza. In 1951, he moved to São Paulo to study architecture, his arrival coinciding fortuitously with the first Bienal de São Paulo. Interested in mathematics, geometry, and physics, Esmeraldo also studied mechanics, electricity, and optics; these studies continue to influence his artistic output.


Category: Art

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