Sauce Magazine 2 - Anastasis - Zonsondergang

[005483] GIORGIO ANDREOTTA CALO. Sauce Magazine 2 - Anastasis - Zonsondergang -
Giorgio Andreotta Calo . Amsterdam: Sauce Magazine, 2018. 1st Edition. 260 x 200
Mm. Paperback. Fine Pages unnumbered, illustrated in full color full page
photographs. - Sauce Magazine 2 - Anastasis - Zonsondergang- by Giorgio
Andreotta calo - On the front ccover probably this word: Progiotie - Very Fine
copy. Rare. The artist made the windows of the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam red with
his installation Anastasis in 2018. No text but for names of artists and their
projects on the inside of the back cover. Traces of use on the fluffy cover. 

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