[004593] MACAUX, YVES / GAILLEMIN, JEAN-LOUIS. 1900 Yves Macaux . Brussel: Yves
Macaux, 2008. 1st Edition. 298 x 235 Mm. Hard Cover. As New 71 pages,
illustrated in mainly colour plates, some B&W. Text in English by Jean-Louis
Gaillemin and Yves Macaux. - 1900 Yves Macaux - on art and furniture from around
1900. a collection of the work of Josef Hoffmann, Koloman Moser, Carl Otto Czeschka,Otto Wagner, Adolf Loos, Marcel Kammerer,Josef Urban, Gustave Serrurier Bovy, Paul Hankar, Henry van de Velde, Hector Guimard, Joseph MariaOlbrich and Green and Green. Inserted a booklet by on thesame work. As new with copy.

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