[003160] GWENNETH BOELENS. In Two Minds. Amster: Roma Publications, 2014. First
Edition.. Hard Cover. As New 117 pages, illustrated both in colour and B&W. Text
in English. by Nickel van Duijvenboden. Gwenneth Boelens - In Two Minds. In Two
Minds documents Gwenneth Boelens' practice of the past ten years, comprising
photography and sculpture, as well as performative and filmic works. An
extensive chapter of notes, written by her partner and editor Nickel van
Duijvenboden, illuminates Boelens' work and evolving attitudes from an intimate
and studious perspective. Conversations and reflections are punctuated by a rich
vein of illustrations and process images, as well as citations from twentieth-
century literature and philosophy, such as by Bergson, Valéry, Merleau-Ponty and
Woolf. A sense of searching pervades the publication, visually as well as
intellectually, resulting in a meditation on experience, thought, memory and
process. Made possible with support of the Mondriaan Fund. Design: Roger
Willems. Roma Publication 216 Size: 255 x 192 Mm 

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