DUTCH DETAILS, Edward Ruscha


[004540] RUSCHA, EDWARD . Dutch Details - Edward Ruscha - Sonsbeek Buiten De
Perken '71 . Deventer / Arnhem : Octopus, 1971. 1st Edition. 113 x 382 Mm. Hard
Cover. Very Good Dutch Details - Edward Ruscha - Sonsbeek Buiten De Perken '71 -
Blank cardboard wrappers with title on front cover; hard cover wrappers. 9
double pages with each 6 images offset printed square photographs in B&W.
Bridges and the buildings behind it; six images of the same location, getting
closer and more into detail every picture. Taken with a hand-held camera.
Covering the communities of Veendam, Stadskanaal, Musselkanaal and Ter Apel, all
situated in the North of The Netherlands. Within the framework of Sonsbeek
buiten de perken '71 - Wrappers show some foxing and browning The lower right
corner of the front shows several creases. also some foxing on the back cover
and little on the french endpaper. The pages with the photographs are very fine.
Limited edition of 3000 copies (of which many were lost, only approximately 200
have survived). Inserted a kind of newspaper from octopus with an interview with
Edward Ruscha.

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