[005282] CORNELIS BASTIAAN VAANDRAGER. Leve Joop Massaker - Gesigneerd En Van
Opdracht Voorzien. Amsterdam: Arbeiderspers, 1960. 1st Edition. 200 x 125 Mm.
Soft Cover. Fine / Very Good. 60 pagina's. Nederlandse tekst. - Leve Joop
Massaker - Cornelis Bastiaan Vaandrager - Gesigneerd En Van Opdracht Voorzien:
juli '60 hartelijk voor Willy van Bas - Under Special and particular
circumstances a man is allowed - without incurring moral dement and reproach -
to propose to the wife of another. But a sensible man must first carefully
examine all the problems involved in such a situation. Swami Ram Krishnanada
(sic) (Classical Hindu Erotology) Fine the book, jacket browned at the spine
plus a 2 cm tear at the rear near spine. Debuut van Vaandrager. 

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