[001891] CHRISTIAN BOLTANSKI. Reconstitution. London / Eindhoven / Grenoble:
Whitechapel / Van Abbemuseum / Musee De Grenoble, 1990. First Edition..
Cardboardbord Box with Books. As New ISBN: 0854880887. cardboard Box with
softcover books, postcards and poster. Reconstitution, 39 pages, text in Dutch,
colour photographs. La vie impossible; 36 pages, text in English, B&W
photographs. Christian Boltanski, een interview door Georgia Marsh, text in
Dutch, 1 page of B&W illustrations. Saynetes Comiques, Text in French, B&W
illustrations. One poster 'L'Ange d'Alliance' 1986. Inventaire de objets ayant
appartenu a une femme de Bois-Colombes, througout illustrated in B&W. 10
portaits photographiquea de Christian Boltanski 1946-1964 B&W
photography.Recherche et présentation de tout ce qui reste de mon enfance 1969 8
pages, B&W illustrations. Reconstitutions de Gestes effectues par Christian
Boltanski entre 1948 et 1954 B&W photographs. 7 leaflets and postcards. 2
handwritten letters by Boltanski in facsimile. Size: 321 x 265 Mm

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