ANDY WARHOL - A Catalogue as Multiple ANDY WARHOL 1992


[000713] ANDY WARHOL. A Catalogue as Multiple ANDY WARHOL 1992. Amsterdam: Antiquariaat Parade, 1992. Limited.. Wooden Box. Signed by Author(s). Fine Silkscreened portraits of Warhol by Nat Finkelstein on the front & backside of the box. Signed and numbered with silver felt-tip pen; 129 /200 by Nat Finkelstein. The box contains the loose paged catalogue, the mirror with a portrait of Nico (30 x 21 cm), a green ball and a bottle filled with a kind of liquid and a thin screened portrait of Andy Warhol on it. For this catalogue Nat Finkelstein wrote a special introduction; Politcs a la Andy. All in an as new state. Including the plywood postcard that announced the appearence of this catalogue; 212 x 296 mm, silver silkscreen on one side, text on the other side; "A catalogue as multiple. Parade is pleased to announce a new Andy Warhol Catalogue as multiple: done in conjunction with Nat Finkelstein. The catalogue which will be presented on october 31 consists of a handmade wooden box, size 32x32x7 cm, the top and bottom of which have a silk screened portrait of Warhol made and signed by Nat Finkelstein. The box contains a mirror with a silk screened portrait of Nico, an Andy Warhol bottle, a catalogue - in loose sheets - discribing more than a hundred various Andy Warhol items. This catalogue appears in a limited edition of 200 signed and numbered copies. Price Hfl 195. Lou Meulenberg - Henk van Stipriaan Luïscius - Antiquariaat Parade Prinsengracht 799 1017 KA Amsterdam". Including the label 'about Andy' attached to it with a tiny rope. Size: 324 x 314 X70 Mm 

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