ALECHINSKY. Les Tireurs De Langue

[004462] AMOS KENAN / ALECHINSKY. Les Tireurs De Langue - Alechinsky - SIGNED .
Torine / Paris : D Arte Fratelli Pozzo / Guy De Prat, 1961. 1st Edition. 280 x
297 Mm. Hard Cover Cloth. Fine Pages unnumbered, illustrated in B&W with a
little red every now and than. Text in French by Amos Kenan. Illustrations by
Alechinsky. - Les Tireurs De Langue - SIGNED and dedicated (in fountainpen) by
Alechinsky; to Paul Vries les images en dehors du ... aves amitië Alechinsky
21 .III .'63 - Spine and 3 cm of the backside of the book are faded.

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