PAUL BLANCA, Sangre de Toro, Novillos Novilleros, 8 original silkscreens.

005261  Paul Blanca (Amsterdam 1958 - 2021) "Sangre de Toro", Novillos Novilleros. Portfolio with eight original numbered and signed silkscreens, 1991. Housed in a cardboard box. Published in 42 copies of which this is number 35. The silkscreen are printed on Rives 300 grs, 900 x 700 Mm.

Paul Blanca lived in Spain in 1990. He was fascinated by bullfights and took part in a fight with 850-pound bulls. The blood, liquid of life Blanca calls it, he used as screen printing ink for his series “Sangre de Toro”, Novillos Novilleros (juvinile bulls and -bullfighters). Only after printing the blood-based ink 35 times, Blanca reached the dark red tone he aimed for.


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