[004440] IRMA BOOM / FENTENER VAN VLISSININGEN. SHV Thinkbook 1996 - 1896 .
Utrecht: Shv, 1996. 1st Edition. 260 x 200 x 133 Mm. Hard Cover In a Box. As New
Pages unnumbered; 2.136. Steel spine, in the original black box with SHV logo.
As new copy in a very fine box.. "SHV Thinkbook 1996 - 1896, one of Boom’s early
commissions, is illustrative of her experimental and influential approach to
book design. Paul Fentener van Vlissingen, CEO of the Dutch conglomerate SHV,
tasked Boom with creating a book to commemorate the centenary of his company;
his sole requirement was that she makes something unusual. Boom compiled a
2,136-page document of the company’s history, presented in reverse chronological
order, during an extensive five-year process that involved researching the
company, attending shareholder meetings, interviewing employees, and reviewing
archives of records and images.SHV Think Book is unconventional not only in its
approach but also in its typography, layout, materials, and printing. To
encourage readers to journey through the book in a nonlinear fashion, Boom
omitted page numbers, a table of contents, and an index. Furthermore, the book’s
design extends to the edges of its pages, which are printed to reveal the image
of a tulip field when flipped from left to right, and the lines of a Dutch poem
when flipped from right to left. The commission proved to be fertile ground for
Boom’s experiments, and her vast and diverse body of work demonstrates a lasting
commitment to questioning and challenging conventions of book design. For Boom,
books are a sensory, tactile experience, an object to hold and discover and thus
a unique information-delivery medium, especially in the digital age." (from the
MOMA site). Heavy to ship. Het best verzorgde boek 1996.

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