ANDY ROCCHELLI - Russian Interiors

 ANDY ROCCHELLI. Russian Interiors - Andy Rocchelli . Pianello Val
Tidone: Cesura Publish, 2015. Second Edition. 217 x 157 Mm . Hard Cover Cloth.
As New ISBN: 9788890632822. Pages unnumbered, illustrated in color photographs.
Uncut pages. No text in the book but a separate leaflet with the story of the
photographer. - Russian Interiors - Andy Rocchelli - Published by Cesura
Publish; the photographers publisher in the year after he got killed (2014) in
the city of Sloviansk, eastern Ukraine, while documenting the ordeal of the
civil war between pro-Russian sepatarists and the Ukrainian army. Wonderfully
edited. As new copy. Very rare this second edition. [006134]   

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